Secret Service is going broke protecting Trump

Secret Service is going broke protecting Trump

Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles tells USA TODAY more than 1,000 agents have already hit the salary and overtime allowance meant to last the entire year.


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  1. justachannel

    I say that's the Trumps' problem. Let them hire their own security or go without. This is an issue Congress should have addressed some time ago. But the Republican Congress has not. Daddy and the prince and princess of the United States seem to always be on vacation.

  2. DudeWatches

    The guy charges the Secret Service, who protect him and his family's lives, rental fees for golf carts that he owns. All the money that is being lost is going straight into his pocket. But none of that shit matters if your a Trump Supporter. Literal storm troopers.

  3. Jack Dudley Austin Jr.

    The only way Dumb Donald knows how to fix anything is to throw money at it. If your car breaks down you fix it, but Dumb Donald just buys a new one. All the billionaires in his regime think this way. They are totally dumb when it comes to managing anything and this is costing the American tax payer plenty.

  4. David Lam

    Republicans in Congress can just transfer emergency funds from President Trump's US-Mexico border wall budget to help pay for the operations of the US Secret Service…assuming that Congress does have that budget approved…right???

  5. Bill Smith

    If we got money to support sanctuary cities, we got money to support our secret service. After all we have Democratic legislatures that need to be investigated at least once a week now that are making threats on our president and we have celebrities who want to blow up the white house who can't control their tolerant terroristic threats.

  6. Hallands Menved

    Oh, come on! How low can you go? Show me the numbers proving that the protection of President Trump isn't cheaper than most former presidents'! This is so fake you'd almost think it came from the editorial room of CNN. ✋🏻 😎

  7. Anthony Smith

    Just like the ancient Jews created a secret conspiracy and took Uriah to the front lines and then backed away from him, leaving him unprotected so he would surely get killed by others, our Congress is trying to get Trump killed so they can blame others.

  8. Chris Hux

    Might as well Hire the Batman, have secret service satellites and technology, futuristic aircraft and non-lethals to capture and subdue suspected terrorists.

    And hire a Bomb sniffing dog with a 6th sense for 400k a day. That's 365 5 star generals

  9. WarblesOnALot


    Yay Team !

    I see, I see, I see…

    So, on the one hand, Tronald Dump has already spent his entire year's Security Budget in half a year…, on the other hand the White-House's Security Budget is Federally-capped, and will be fearsomely difficult to increase…; and in the Gripping-Hand, if the Spirit of Lee Harvey Oswald is ever to rise up and express violent dissent by way of excercising the "Right to bear Arms", again, then retrenching all the Prissydunce's protective Sekret Squirrels of the (In)Security Brigade, for lack of funding, will certainly facilitate a Pence Prissyduncie sooner rather than later….

    Tally-Ho, Olde Chaps, what (say ye to that ?) !

    This should be fun to watch, as it unfolds.

    Take it easy,


    Ciao !

  10. biker

    this is fake news, the secret service will continue to fill it's mandate like it has for every president. As for the renting golf carts I call bullshit you need to provide proof if you won't or can't just makes you look the fool .I think you are used to it by now.

  11. Cillian Higgins

    The Trump supporters' comments here are hilarious lol. Before the election they said Obama went on too many trips and vacations, and now when it is revealed that Trump is doing that far more they just ignore it and try to just call everyone stupid and that its still Obamas fault which makes no sense. lol

  12. 1kiranoir

    That's horrible that he is making their jobs harder he's supposed to be doing his job but then I'd be scared of how much worse off the country could be if he actually tried to do his job he's already messing it up imagine how bad it would be if he stopped traveling and actually did more stuff it'd be awful so while I feel sry for the secret service agents who r spending all this money to protect him I say it's the lesser of 2 evils they r losing money so he doesn't mess up the country worse then he already is? I say spend everything u got either that or have him foot the bill when it's on his property god knows he has the money

  13. mondovb

    There you have it folks, he tried to convince us all that Obama was born in Kenya, was a hardcore Muslim terrorist sympathizer, and criticized him each and every time he took a day off to hit the greens.  Now that Donald himself has taken over the hot seat, he's managed in 7 months to spend more days on the greens than Obama did in 8 years, replaced more members of his administration in 7 months than Obama did during entire 2 terms, and now he's also managed to bankrupt the Secret Service after just 7 months as well.
    Starting to finally become clear that you idiots elected a white collar mob family of losers in to the White House?

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